We've all been on our "coronacation" for a few weeks now and have learned a thing or two, right?

...showers are optional

...happy hour starts whenever there's a press briefing

...and teachers deserve a gobzillion dollars a year! 

Need some help making it through the rest (however long that is!) of quarantine?

We've put a list together of our TOP 10 survival items:

We know you're not getting dressed EVERY single day. Why would you? No one is going anywhere. You're probably at home just hoping to get a glimpse of that cutie FedEx guy! Yep, we know about him. You NEED this robe. It's the best thing you can put on your skin...seriously! Plus, it's majorly discounted. Go, click. Get it now. 

Why is everyone so loud?! Schools are going to reopen when??? Did you know scented candles that use quality essential oils promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote quality of sleep? Here...I'll just go ahead and add this to your cart.
This is an historical time we're living in that deserves to be documented. Not only does writing improve our mood and help us process emotions, but this is truly an unprecedented time. What happened today? How did that make you feel? Are you excited about anything? 

"Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself." - Pat Conroy
Soberdough bread mix only requires a can of beer. We know what's in your fridge...and we're not judging. Just try it. Most people come back and buy more once they do!

6. A Lovey
Normally, grown-ups don't need comfort objects. However, nothing about these times are normal. We are stressed, anxious, and scared. Soothing your soul with a comfort object is okay.  Bedtime just got super snuggly!
5. Cami Crop
People...we've reordered this a bazillion times. When women buy one, they come back and order one in every color. We know you hate wearing a bra. This top gives you "credit" without being uncomfortable.
BAHAHAHA!!! Just kidding...ain't no one shaving these days!

3. Hat
Gurl...Let's talk about your hair. It's been awhile, hasn't it? The salons are closed and we missed our appointment too. We can help! An awesome baseball cap is way better than that horrid box of Walgreen's color you're tempted to use. Trust me, the hat is way cheaper than the repair job your stylist is going to charge you.
Raise your hand if you're still wearing a little makeup to make you feel normal-ish. Same, my friend. Same. Mascara is my "ride or die". I wear it to the gym...heck, I wear it to take out the trash! A cloth make-up eraser (the original...not a knock-off!) removes every trace of mascara with just water. Really! No lie. It's absolutely perfect for quarantine days since showers are a bit sporadic these days...
Do you miss your favorite bar? We know the one...that familiar spot where the bartender knows your name and serves up that unique craft cocktail made to order. Camp craft cocktail kits infuse your alcohol with delicious flavor in the convenience of your own home. It's the next best thing until your favorite gastropub opens again! For $24, you can make 16 drinks! Try one. You'll be hooked!


April 16, 2020 — Melinda Henrickson