If you live in Beaufort county or any where near, you know there's one charity event that rules them all...

It's the annual "Dancing With Our Stars" event benefiting one of our most beloved non-profits, the Child Abuse Prevention Association of the Lowcountry. Both of these things are exactly what you'd think they are. 

The "Stars" are local folks of every occupation, age and skill level, a group of people with the personality, passion and exact right amount of "flair" to turn out a crowd. The star is paired with a seasoned, formally trained local dancer and the two craft a routine that will hopefully both entertain the crowd and also land them the coveted "Judge's Choice" award. During their training, both the star and their trainer/partner must raise money for their team and the team that raises the most is honored as the "People's Choice", which comes with some serious bragging rights. 

The Child Abuse Prevention Association of the Lowcountry is a non-profit organization that helps hundreds of children in need each year. From birth to 18, "CAPA" protects and advocates for the vulnerable, the innocent, the voiceless and the powerless among us. Needless to say, CAPA touches the hearts of all who know the extreme value of what they do for the community and seeing that joyous CAPA caravan walk in with balloons, flowers and a personal invitation for you to be one of the 'Stars" is something close to as exciting it would probably be to see the Publishers Clearing House at your door!

Let me tell you this - watching is a BLAST (tickets usually sell out in under 15 minutes) and being invited to dance is EXHILARATING!

However, after the glitter settles, "it" starts to sink in...THIS IS FOR CHARITY AND THIS IS FOR REAL. As I remember, it sinks in exactly 3.5 minutes after saying yes, lol. "I'm a mom. I work full-time, how on earth will I be able to learn to dance (and I have to do it backwards, right? I'm a woman and Ginger Rogers said that's the deal, didn't she?) and also raise enough money for my team to make a difference in the lives of children in need while still keeping everything else together???

It's not easy, at all. Teams consistently raise upwards of $10,000 each. Blessed as we are, that's where Beaufort steps up. Not once in the long history of our local fundraising have the collective "we" ever looked away. Helping, giving, caring, doing - it's who we are. So, after the 2020 roster of dancers was announced, I knew EXACTLY what Good Aura could do to help our beloved CAPA and two of our very favorite clients (and now dancers!), Chilton Simmons and Megan Love.

It works like this:

Chilton and Megan modeled some merchandise for us. If you would like to support Chilton, select any product from the "Support Chilton" collection. 

If you would like to support Megan, select any product from the "Support Megan" collection.

We will donate 20% of your purchase to CAPA toward the respective team!! 

Shop online or in the store. We can't wait to write a big fat check to CAPA!!!

February 02, 2020 — Melinda Henrickson