Ice Dye Budget Kit for DIY

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The perfectly prepared at-home kit for anyone curious about ice dyeing, but looking to save a few dollars by providing your own fabric or clothing.

These kits have been a huge hit in 2020 as the tie-dye trend continues to surge, with no sign of stopping. Our ice dye kits are the premier kits on the market, with excellently sourced components, perfect graphic design, and clear, professionally labeled stickers on each component in full color. Ice dyeing is the more sophisticated, high-end version of bottle tie-dye (think summer camp). Perfect for the fashion-forward DIY crowd.

Our budget Ice Dye Kit Includes: -dye powder in a convenient shaker -soda ash activator -rubber bands -instructions for ice dyeing -instructions for washout

Only Need: -tap water -ice cubes -a container to dye in or a rack to dye on –fabric or clothing that is 100% made from plant fibers