Marchello Art Fancy #8 Bracelet



This fork bracelet is bent into a 3-dimensional design. This design features tines in a symmetrical 3-d design. It comes with a spring hinge. X-­Small – 5" or less. Small - 5-6". Medium – 6-7". Large – 7-­8". X-­Large – 8" and above.

Fork bracelets by MarchelloArt are hand crafted from recycled silver plated dinner forks.  Each fork bracelet is unique and one of a kind.  All pieces are designed and crafted by John Marchello.

Each piece is handmade using special tools that allow John to create beautiful and intricate bends in the silverware without damaging it.  All fork bracelets are cleaned and polished with bio-degradable products to ensure the entire process is as environmentally and socially friendly as possible.